5 thoughts on “L’Autobus – Bar on Place Jourdan

  1. Sunday evening. Sun is setting and I decided to enjoy a beer with my wife and daughters at the cafe “L’Autobus” in the Place Jourdan.
    we get comfy on a couch outside then we place an order, receive the beers and pay.
    after only a minute, a truck arrives to deliver a load of crates of drinks: they ask us to get up because the trap door that leads goods to the cellar is just below our table.
    they try to settle us in the middle of the sidewalk! … so, I take family and beers, but there’s no room nowhere else,…I go inside and there is no place for all … I complain to the owner … we paid for a place to rest and enjoy our beers in peace … I ask to be reimbursed, but the owner refuses. I then call the police, who intervenes, but the owner also in front of them refuses to compensate us…he offers the same table, but it’s been an hour, the sun has set and we have to leave.
    at the end, this awful site where the rude owner also insulted us (“Italian and Spanish fools …”) doesn’t deserves us.
    we had not even given a receipt, and they gave one only when the police arrived … but do they pay taxes?
    Now that you have read, you still want to choose this bar, or do you prefer another of the many cafes that this lovely little square offers?

    • Wow – now that sounds like a truely “belgian” experience at L’autobus. (Service ist not their strong point!) I would definitely chose one of the other bars on Place Jourdan over L’Autobus, anytime. Try Chez Bernard next time. Or the First Bar. Only trouble is: As L’Autobus is on the other side of the square, they sometimes are the only bar in the sun. But: Sun is a rare guest in Brussels anyway.

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