Fried Friday: Frites from Antoine


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14 thoughts on “Fried Friday: Frites from Antoine

  1. […] heard nothing but amazing things about the frites at Maison Antoine/Place Jourdan. The wonderful Taste of Brussels blog has written a great review of Maison Antoine and are also working on a  ranking of the frites in Brussels, which I can’t wait to […]

  2. Headed to Brussels this weekend and looking forward to trying frites here. Can you tell me which restaurant allows you to eat them on their terrace if you order a glass of wine? Would hate to be told to leave!

    • If you have your frites from Antoine on Place Jourdan, almost all the cafes/bars allow them – just look for the signs/posters on their windows. Or the other people consuming frites there 😉

  3. >>Just follow the smell of fresh chips (Frites)

    Do you even know what fresh potatoes look like? 😀

    Seriously, I stood in line at this place and I saw a guy delivering big plastic bags with frozen chips, which are then fried. And this is what is called fresh chips? I was under the impression that fresh chips is when they actually have the potatoes there, cut them and fry them.

    • We were referring to fresh chips = freshly fried chips, not fresh potatoes. I also like it when you see the friteries cutting the potatoes before they fry them – but at Antoine I think it would be impossible, the lines would have to be even longer!

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