Thirsty Thursday: How about a Leffe before take-off?

leffeMy last beer in Belgium before Christmas was a Leffe blonde – or was it  brune?  I had both in the lounge at Brussels airport.  What else would be on offer (apart from Stella Artois!);  all the world knows, or at least has heard of  Leffe.  Mass produced hype  or genuine Abbaye tradition?

If you don’t like it too bitter both are  for you:  the blonde, a lovely golden, almost amber colour with a thick head; the brune slightly reddish brown, similar head and just as drinkable.  Both  good barley taste: With the  dark version  you get a typical caramel taste but not overpowering and a nice fruity bouquet. The blonde just as smooth and balanced with fruitiness and a hint of spice. Conclusion : worth its worldwide reputation; good the plane was only slightly delayed!

Next destination Bavaria: the first beer – from the supermarket? I love wheat beer – one of my favourites is Schneider Weisse so I was about to buy a bottle of their original Tap 7 when I noticed  a slightly different label alongside;
“Unser Aventinus Tap 6”. A wheat beer with 8,2 % alc vol. A beer to rival those in Belgium?  I bought two bottles.

I couldn’t wait long to try the first one – but more of that next time.


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