Thirsty Thursday: Extra White Vedett


As I think I said I love wheat beer, especially from Bavaria. So I didn’t think twice when I looked at the array of pumps on the bar and decided to order a large Vedett. The waitress brought it to the table a few minutes later; it was very pale and very cloudy from the yeast. The last time I had a wheat beer that looked like this, it was delivered by a friendly white russian girl in San Francisco. The beer wasn’t worth remembering (especially compared to the girl).

So what about my glass of Vedett?  Definitely not Bavarian!

The first sip confirmed it. A light beer with a mild  apple pear taste followed by the typical wheat barley lemon  freshness and a not too intense bitter follow through .

If you can get over the anaemic look of the beer and the over cloudiness – not a bad drink for a hot summer day. Not too strong, either, with 4,7 alc. by vol.

Enjoy, or as my Bavarian friends would say: Prost!


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