Treats on Tuesday: Cinnamon Buns from ScanShop near Place Jourdan


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7 thoughts on “Treats on Tuesday: Cinnamon Buns from ScanShop near Place Jourdan

    • Yes, they are the best! I just don’t know how they do it. In my homecountry Austria we have buns similar – but they are a lot sweeter and stickier and mostly have lots of nuts or sugar. The Scandinavians manage to get the taste purely from the cinnamon. Fab! Anyone got a recipe to try at home?

  1. Nice piece of writing! I’m a Finn and am just looking for the address to the Scandinavian shop to give directions for my Finn and that’s how I ran into this blog. The Scandinavian store is a great treat! 🙂 Here is a cinnamon bun recipe for you that I think has quite good proportions. Ps. the Thing in the buns is not only cinnamon but especially cardamom. We scandinavians think it’s necessary if you talk about real tasty buns. 😉 So in the recipe below, I would use a bit more butter and at least 2 spoons of cardamom to make them more real pulla, as they are called in Finnish. 😉 Enjoy!

  2. If you want to make some comparison, I recommend the Finnish Seamen’s Mission and its cinnamon buns! They are so good and homemade at the Mission and often served right of the oven. They cost little bit more that in the Scanshop but are worth every penny! The Mission is situated close to Maalbeek metro station:Rue Jacques de Lalaing 33 / Jacques de Lalaingstraat 33
    1040 Bruxelles / Brussel (Etterbeek).

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