Beer shopping at Beer Mania and Beer Planet


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8 thoughts on “Beer shopping at Beer Mania and Beer Planet

    • I dont remember the exact pricing. The Beer Planet in the City seemed a Bit pricier than Beer Mania – but then it’s difficult to compare, because we bought different uncommon beers, which means prices vary a lot. I can say, though, that in neither Shop I had the Feeling that things were overpriced.

  1. I was given a list of uncommon beers to track down. My friend had looked at prices on the internet and written them next to the beers on his list. It turned out that the beers at Beer Mania were cheaper than my friend had estimated (he had just done random / non-shop-specific research on the net.) .. but obviously the beers were still more than your usual Leffe at Carrefour. We bought to Chimey-Glasses at Beer Mania recently. Watch out – they were more expensive than in other places! (4,50 for the small (0,185) glasses.) However, I like Beer Mania as I walk past there everyday and have fond memories of drinking a beer there and buying presents for friends and family. So I didn’t mind it really.

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