Camino: A (bad) snacking experience in Antwerp


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3 thoughts on “Camino: A (bad) snacking experience in Antwerp

    • We told him that we had never intended not to pay (hadn’t even mentioned it to the waitress, just got our cash out when we were done with our food), that we were unhappy with waiting for so long and that we had simply given the waitress feedback on our lunching experience – much the same as you would normally tell them when you were happy with your food. To me it seemed that the waitress must have told him something that gave him a completely wrong impression. I also got the feeling that he must have had some similar complaints before – he was very anxious that we were going to post about the waiting time and the quality of the food on the internet. Normally, when restaurants don’t have a lot of complaints, they don’t tend to worry about that.

  1. Hey guys im sorry for that day. I remember it was a hectic day, the girl who was working here gave me the wrong info. It was the very beginning of our business. Like any other starting business we’ve evolved. I’m glad I found your blog, I felt really bad about everything and I hope you will visit us again when you are in Antwerp. David

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