Best Fries in Brussels Ranking


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20 thoughts on “Best Fries in Brussels Ranking

    • Not on the best ones for me, fries are cooked too much, even if very sympatic… And the “Friterie de la barrière” in st-gilles should be in the top five, surely !

  1. Antoine as number one? Where you have to queue forever for frites made from vacuum packed potatoes?
    You should try Friterie Mercier in Jette (in front of the station): Valérie (the owner) is such a caracter!
    Fritkot Palma’s in Place Saint Josse is also great, with a homemade chili sauce to die for!

      • I hope I didn’t sound too harsh: I used to love Maison Antoine, but I’ve been disappointed with them too often in the last few years… 😉

      • Not at all! I know that everbody has their favourite place when it comes to fries 😉
        And we are always glad if somebody tells us about new places. We like to discover the town, but you can’t find everything by yourself!

  2. Have you tried the Friterie Scal at Etterbeek station ?
    Their mitraillette is really good, but be warned : those are huge portion !

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