Choupy’s Bagels & Burgers at Flagey: A good idea, poorly executed


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10 thoughts on “Choupy’s Bagels & Burgers at Flagey: A good idea, poorly executed

  1. There are no great burgers in Brussels. Period. And I’m talking about US-quality burgers. Maaaybe Hard Rock Cafe but that’s a overrated too. Sometimes, one finds the elusive good jucy sweet, charcoal aroma burger at a random Irish pub. Next time you go there – gone – like the sun in a mid-November day.

    • Don’t know about US-quality burgers, but there are some in Brussels that we like, i.e. Super Files du Tram, Houtsiplou and, yes, Hard Rock Cafe.

      • I also like the burgers at Cool Bun. Not sure they are up to par with US standards but I find them genuinely good. So sorry to hear that Choupy’s was a disappointment! I was planning to try their bagels with a friend this week but having read your post, I don’t think I’m going any time soon.

      • Choupy’s was really disappointing – usually after one bad experience I go back to try a second time, but not sure I will do it here.

        Thanks for reminding me of Cool Bun! I just looked at their website and saw they have a restaurant at Place Stephanie – I only ever noticed the one at Schuman, but didn’t want to go since it was in the middle of the EU zone …

      • The last time I went to the Super Files it was very very disappointing. The menu was stripped down from the previous versions, the smell was bad, tables unclean and the burger was obviously made from frozen meat with no flavor whatsoever. It might be that they changed all that but I will not give them another try 😉

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