About us

Who we are & What we do

We are Emily & Philipp, a  British-Austrian couple, in our late twenties, working as journalists in Brussels. We are blogging purely for fun and are not associated with any of the restaurants, bars, venues etc. we are writing about. We love food & cooking and want to share our Brussel-experiences with all those other foodies out there!

Matthew is our Belgian Beer Expert (or at least training to become an expert!). He supplies us with a weekly post on Belgian Beer. Look out for Thirsty Thursday!


Feel free to post your comments directly under each of our posts!  If we have written something about you or your business that you feel is not correct (anymore), or if you have the feeling we have violated any of your copyrights, please let us know. Plus: If you have any tipps for us: Go ahead and tell us!


All of the posts are original and may not be reproduced in any form without our written consent. Feel free to link to our blog/posts, though! All of the images on our blog are taken by ourselves (unless noted otherwise) and may not be reproduced either with our written consent.


7 thoughts on “About us

  1. I love your site .. thank you.
    Could you suggest somewhere nice to go and have coffee/chocolate and a light late lunch not too far by taxi or walking from Brussels Midi Station during the afternoon as we wait for our connection to Amsterdam on a Monday.
    We have about 3hrs to play with.
    Kind Wishes from a grey rainy UK!
    Valerie Sheldon

    • Hi Valerie! Unfortunately we can’t answer everyones personal requests straight away, so I might be too late. You might like to try a strole through the Marolles and a coffee and Bagel at Atelier en Ville in Rue Haute 64… That’s not too far from the station. You will get to see soom comic walls on the way… enjoy your trip.

  2. haha nice blog~i am a Chinese living in Brussels, and blogging it in Chinese now what i have discovered in Belgium, it’s nice to know there are people who are passionate about life like me in Brussel~

  3. Hi! I read it enough to say that I like your style. What do you think to make a post about an event about tasting of wine that will be held this week-end? PM if you are interested. bye

  4. Why do you have to broadcast normal activities like the Monday market to the world? We get even more tourist standing in the way and taking our pictures while we go about our daily business. How would you like to have that happening to you? Blog all you like but please focus on things like “Thirsty Thursday” and leave markets out of it.

    • Sorry you feel that way. Our blog is not only for tourists, but also for all the expats living in Brussels, who – like us – want to discover the city. Which is, I hope you will agree, a positive thing, because it brings them (us) out of their expat bubble …

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